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Don't have the funds for your ticket just yet, but don't want to risk paying for expensive last minute airfare? Hunta Pay with Jeje package is a flexible installment travel payment plan that allows you to make only 25% down payment of the travel cost and pay the rest in convenient instalments.

You can lock down our exclusive and great travel and ticket deals through the Pay with Jeje option. A 25% deposit will be due within 24 hours of booking. This deposit locks in the exclusive price of your ticket provided full payment is made before departure date.

This package will only be available to customers who book at least two weeks before their travel date. Pay with Jeje transactions must be inclusive of flight (i.e. flights only, flights + activities, flights + hotels).

Calculate your Jeje

Payment Steps Opening Balance Interest Rate Principal Total Paymet

How to Pay with Jeje

  1. Register
  2. Book at least 2 weeks to travel date
  3. Make instalmental payments at your convenience
  4. Payment must be completed before your travel date
  5. When you select this option, you will be shown the payment options
  6. You will be shown the amount to pay as a down payment immediately
  7. The down payment and the instalment payments will be visible in your Hunta account
  8. You will also be required to pay a default service fee based on your selected instalmental payment plan

Terms and conditions

  1. All transactions made on Pay with Jeje travel plan are subject to 25% non-refundable down payment of the total cost payable within 24 hours of booking request.
  2. Ticket shall ONLY be issued upon initial down payment specified in (1) above. Changes are permitted and charges apply.
  3. Initial & Subsequent payments must be in line with the repayment plan opted for. Booking shall be cancelled where we do not receive the final payment as scheduled.
  4. For outright cancellation, NON-REFUNDABLE TICKETS shall attract a zero refund irrespective of the customer’s instalmental payments.
  5. For outright cancellations on REFUNDABLE TICKETS, refunds shall apply less 25% down payment.

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